1. Vidi O.D.
(Ranno, Smith)
2. Love & Pain
(Ranno, Smith)
3. You Called His Name
(Ranno, Smith)
4. Rough & Ready
(Ranno, Smith)
5. Backstreet Survivor
(Ranno, Smith)
6. Texas
(with original lineup - Michael, Richie, Brenden, Peter Sweval, Joe Dube)
[song appeared on B side of 2 Starz singles]
7. Nightcrawler
(Ranno, Smith, Harkin)
STARZ Live - from 1978
8. Fallen Angel
STARZ Live - from 1978
9. Hold On The Night
STARZ Live - from 1978
10. Can't Take It No More
(Ranno, Jones)
Performed by Hellcats
11. Waitress
(Ranno, Scance, Dube)
12. Fannin' the Fire
13. I Ain't No Einstein
Performed by MC Square

Produced by Starz with a little help from Jack Douglas

Michael Lee Smith: vocals
Richie Ranno: guitars
Brenden Harkin: bass
Doug Madick: drums

© 1992 Drastic CD Co.
Produced by Starz and Sam Ginsberg with a little help from Jack Douglas
Recorded at Record Plant Studios, New York City
Mixed by Sam Ginsberg at Sound On Sound Studios, New York City
All songs published by Starzongo Publishing / Waitress Publishing / ASCAP

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