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Richie Ranno is guitarist of Starz & Richie Ranno’s All-Stars. From the NY metropolitan area, he has a long history in the music business. In 1973 he joined the band, Stories whose hit Brother Louie went to the top of the charts – that’s right, #1 in Billboard magazine.

In 1975 he was a founding member of the band, Starz. Starz had 4 albums on Capitol Records and 7 charted singles including the hit single, Cherry Baby. The band toured with Aerosmith, Kiss, Ted Nugent, Rush and others in addition to headlining their own shows.

A decade later all of the top rock bands of the mid to late ‘80’s sited Starz as the band that most influenced them including, Bon Jovi, Motley Crue & Poison, among others.

In 1982 Richie formed Hellcats with Starz lead vocalist, Michael Lee Smith. One album on Radio/Atlantic Records was released. Four years later a 2nd Hellcats album came out with Perry Jones doing the vocals. Original Hellcats bassist, Peter Scance stayed aboard for both albums.

While Richie wrote or co-wrote most of the songs on the new album, this song was written by Dan Auerbach, The Black Keys vocalist/guitarist/songwriter along with Chuck Auerbach.

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